Your Life Story in a Beautiful Book – Personal Biography

My Story Memoir

ReaLifeStories creates compelling memoirs, from interviews to printed book.

My Story Memoir (c) is perfect for a holiday, anniversary, or birthday gift. It can also be a tax-deducted expense as a marketing tool for your business.

What is My Story Memoir?  My Story Memoir is a manuscript created from notes we take while we interview you or your loved one. In this kind of book, the professional biographer will craft a beautiful manuscript that contains chapters covering key time frames and significant events in a person’s life, but with minimal peripheral research. The information for each chapter comes primarily from the interviews we conduct (approximately 10 hours of in-person interviews).

What is the difference? The My Story Memoir will reveal what you have told us, but will not contain the additional narrative that help place your story in context with regional and world events. It is a shorter length than the Heirloom Biography and it contains only the stories you have told us, written in a compelling manner. The My Story Memoir focuses on one person’s history, as opposed to the personal history of a couple. See a sample My Story Memoir

How does it work? We will conduct personal interviews with your loved one and create the manuscript. We send a couple of sample chapters within a few months, then the full manuscript within nine months. When we have the manuscript exactly as you like it, the second phase of creation begins: professional book design.

In the design phase, simply send us your photographs and we will have them professionally scanned and incorporate them into the document at appropriate places. Your loved one receives a beautiful, printed book in whatever binding you choose: paperback, hardback, or leather-bound, gold-embossed archival-quality printing. Professional book design and printing are covered in a separate letter of agreement.

My Story Memoir includes:

  1. Onsite Interviews: Approximately 10 hours of onsite interviewing,
  2. Labor for professional memoir-writing: several hundred hours
  3. Finished memoir manuscript of at least 60 pages
  4. Your Edits: Edits and changes you request
  5. Time frame: Approximately seven months. Graphic design and printing charges are additional and are determined after the manuscript is completed and photographs have been chosen for the book.