Video Promos

Everyone today must have an online video to let the world know who you are. The videos below were made with a Canon XHA1. W offer true HD professional videography but on a limited basis. Call for more info. (We also make fun, one-to-three minute unedited videos made with the amazing IPhone, posted on our Black Mountain Video site.)

Above: Sonia Lub, the Napa Valley jewelry-maker with the big heart, April, 2014.

Above: Erica Rainhart is a wheelchair-bound artist in Hawaii with a vibrant heart. We created this artist profile (four minutes) to inspire folks to go to her website (which we created) and buy Erica’s cards.

Above: One of our clients wants to build a market for her book while she is writing it, and to collect more stories. Here is a Promo Video we made for her.


Above: Terry Crupe was a deeply inspiring man. It was a privilege to interview Terry and create this short Profile Video of him in 2011. This was before we went High Def and developed more editing skills, but you can feel the heart in it.


Above: A Memoriam Video we made for a client whose husband died (and the first video we ever made).


Above: Shawna Carol is a singer-songwriter chant master on Kauai, HI. We created this mini-documentary (four minutes!) in 2012 to help promote her book.


Above: Unedited, just straight shooting of the Amazing Marta Cook, a Celtic harpist, as she shows a fascinating set of changing rhythms. Filming took place before she caught a plane to head home after her performance in Asheville, NC.


Above: a video we created for a local silk artist in 2011.