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Personal Biography Services

Through online live interviews, targeted research and unparalleled writing talents, we create a compelling narrative to tell your story as it has never been told: completely, precisely, perfectly.

How It works


You get 10 one-hour personal interviews on Zoom videoconferencing. (We can set up your account, if you prefer, and make this process easy for you.) While many folks are unsure of how they will like the interview process, every one of our clients has found it invigorating, pleasant, and many have found working with us a healing experience. In the 20 years we have been in business, in almost every case, we were hired by the adult child of a lovely person who is humble and does not want to be interviewed; in every single case, we quickly developed a friendly, warm rapport.

Gathering and Writing

We gather your photos, documents, recipes, letters, awards, and other materials you choose in creating your book. Next, the various events of your life are woven together in the most compelling narrative to tell your story completely and powerfully. In the case of an Heirloom Biography, we conduct extensive research to set the stage for your personal stories. In the case of the more affordable My Story Memoir, the book is created purely from what you told us in the interview process.

Design and Printing

Our graphic designers are experienced professionals who take the memoir we have written for you and blend it together with photographs, documents and records to make a print-ready file that you review. When you are satisfied, we turn that file over to one of our partner book printers, who then print and ship to you your hardback, archive-quality heirloom books.

Love Our Clients

For more than 20 years, Real Life Stories, LLC, has specialized in personal biography and memoir, which some people call the work of a ghostwriter. Our books are precisely researched and thoughtfully written in an enticing style to showcase the trials and triumphs of your life.

Our clients are often innovators in more than one field. They are the most interesting people you never heard of. They have overcome unbelievable odds stacked against them and not only thrived but enriched the lives of those around them.

We hold our clients’ lives in utmost confidence and treat each personal biography and each client with individual attention. We stand above the rest in the beauty of the writing we offer you. We can also take your manuscript (either completed or partially-written) and turn it into a beautiful printed book and e-book for retail sale.

You have one life. It’s more amazing than you think. Let’s turn it into a book
~ Sheridan Hill

About Sheridan Hill

After 25 years of writing and editing (McFarland Publishing, The Chronicle, Wake Forest University alumni magazine, Guilford College magazine, Parabola, Reader’s Digest ), Sheridan Hill founded Real Life Stories.

A passionate biographer and memoir writer, Sheridan Hill works with clients internationally to create a biography that is beautifully written, impeccably researched, and professionally printed.

As founder of Real Life Stories, she works with a small stable of publishing professionals hand-picked for their expertise, efficiency, and confidentiality.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Bill Crews

Virginia statesman

I am impressed with the extremely high quality of Sheridan's work. I gave away 50 copies of the book and everyone raves about it. Once they start reading they can’t put it down.

Arthur Mott

North Carolina

Sheridan reconstructed my life in a very beautiful book and she was great to work with.

Steve Tyler

Omaha, Nebraskar

When my dad was sick, we put the memoir you wrote next to his hospital bed, and another copy at the nurse’s station also, so they would know who he was. It revived his spirits when people picked it up and asked about his life. We are so grateful for this book.
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