FAQS: LifeTime Memoirs Partnership

FAQS: LifeTime Memoirs Partnership

With both companies being some of the most experienced in the private autobiography industry, the founders of both Real Life Stories and LifeTime Memoirs (Sheridan Hill & Roy Moëd) have been good friends for many years. This has extended to both businesses being linked in a partnership since 2015.

LifeTime Memoirs is specifically the North American Division of LifeBook. LifeBook, a London (UK) based company, was founded in 2011. Roy was inspired to found the company after he collected the stories of his father, Jules Moëd, and combined them to make his memoir. Unfortunately, Jules passed away after roughly 35 pages were created. Throughout this journey, Roy discovered stories he had never heard before, and these would have been lost if it wasn’t for the book. It was at this moment he realised that there were family’s all over the world that could benefit from a private autobiography service. Fast forward to the present day, over 10,000 people across the globe own a LifeBook or LifeTime Memoir.
Being quite literally the project of a lifetime, LifeTime Memoirs understand the importance of getting every author’s story right. Not by just having dates, names and key facts correct, but by having your memoir read as if it was you reading aloud your story.

“At LifeTime Memoirs, we see our books as a key component of your legacy. With this, our most important goal is to ensure future generations can learn about the real you. Imagine learning about your great-grandparents’ lives; their stories, challenges and values. That is the gift you are giving to future generations when you partner with us to write your memoir.” – Roy Moëd

How Does LifeTime Memoirs Work?

With several packages to choose from, LifeTime Memoirs is flexible to your specific needs and supports you every step of the way. A project roughly takes 6 months to complete, and you will be in contact with two people, with many more working behind the scenes to make your memoir a reality.
With all of these components, it takes LifeTime Memoirs staff 150 man-hours to create each authors’ book. Once approved by the author, the team send it to our artisan printers where each book is created with the highest quality paper. From here, they are sent to your doorstep ready to share with family and friends.

If you would like to learn more about LifeTime Memoirs, please visit our website.