Hire A Ghost Writer

Hire A Ghost Writer

Commander CrawfordIf you want to hire a ghost writer, here are some basic tips.

How does it work? If you want to hire a ghost writer, nothing can replace interviews when it comes to documenting history, whether it is personal, family, or business. We spend four or five days with  you conducting interviews for your memoir.

Once we begin our interviews, people find that memories come floating back. Stories that were long forgotten rise to the surface.

Then, our ghost writer begins drafting your story. Necessary research includes minimum genealogy as well as local, regional, and world events which are expertly woven into your story. Every person’s life is part of a holograph and must be woven into the larger picture. In general, a professional memoir writer will spend an average of six hours researching to every hour of crafting the narrative.

When our ghost writer completes the manuscript, you will receive a draft to review. We make your desired changes: when you are satisfied, the manuscript is then ready for design.

If we are creating a personal biography for your family, at this point you will choose photographs to illustrate the different times and people in your life.

We guide the book design process. Our book designers are experienced and among the most affordable professional book designers available in the United States.

When you are satisfied with the print-ready book, we manage the printing to ensure that you receive the best quality.

Most of our clients want a book that will be printed in archive-quality printing in small edition (25 to 50 copies) for family members only. Others want us to create a paperback book that will be for sale at Amazon.com and all major retail outlets.

The archive-quality choice is a leather-bound book that will last 300 years or so. Real Life Stories archival books are printed by a high-quality digital offset press (not a photocopier) using real ink, not toner (copy machines and quick-print shops use toner, which breaks down quickly) on archive-quality, acid-free paper.

Paperback options allow you to print hundreds or thousands of copies for a few dollars each and sell them at Amazon.com and other retail outlets. We take care of the ISBN, Library of Congress listing and all of the publishing chores for you.

Benefits of working with a professional ghost writer include: forgotten memories often return; the act of telling your story to an impartial, interested witness is often therapeutic; a great excitement gathers around the biography process; a wonderful book results!

Our specialty is the Heirloom Biography.