Memoir and Personal Biography Book Samples

Biography vs Memoir –See the Difference

This page contains two sample biography chapters and one memoir chapter.

THE FIRST: HELGA’S BIOGRAPHY we wrote for a client. Biographies are fully researched and written with a compelling narrative. We leave no stone unturned in research and writing biographies and conduct two weeks of genealogical background which appears as beautiful stories in the biographies. You can flip through the pages and read a sample: Helga.


THE SECOND: A MEMOIR we created for a client. Memoirs do not contain additional research. In general, they are first-person accounts based solely on interviews. This sample is a third-person narrative because we are extremely limited in the samples we can put on the Internet, due to client confidentiality. But The Idea Man shows you a slim narrative based solely on client interviews.



Biography Sample from Real Life Stories, LLC

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The Idea Man

Memoir Sample from Real Life Stories, LLC: The Idea Man

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