Memoir and Personal Biography Book Samples

Biography vs Memoir –See the Difference

Confused about the difference between memoir and biography?

Memoir is “My story as I choose to tell it.” You may assume that a memoir is not fact-checked, nor cross-referenced with anyone else’s memory. At Real Life Stories, we go one step further.

Biography is “This person’s life, fully researched, with all pertinent facts and events cross-referenced with known historical record, and put in context with societal and cultural conditions of the time.” 

HELGA’S BIOGRAPHY we wrote for a client. Biographies are fully researched and written with a compelling narrative. You can flip through the pages (see controls at the bottom after opening) and read a sample.

JACK WILSON MEMOIR  Real Life Stories memoirs do include just enough research to flesh out the background for each chapter. We are extremely limited in the samples we can put on the Internet, due to client confidentiality. 



Biography Sample from Real Life Stories, LLC

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Jack Wilson

Memoir Sample from Real Life Stories, LLC: Jack Wilson

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