Memoir and Personal Biography Book Samples

Heirloom Biographies from Real Life Stories, LLC

We strongly recommend that you hire a biographer who has written several full biographies (without assistance) and whose books you can see on the web, and thus determine that you like that person’s style and that he/she has in fact authored full-length books. We also recommend never paying unknown writers by the hour.

Click on any sample below and it will pop up in your browser as a book (wait a few seconds, depending on your browsing speed). Simply “leaf” through, turning pages by clicking on the arrow at the bottom of the web page or the middle-right of the book page (look for the arrows). NOTE: zoom in for perfectly clear view of text.


The Secret Weapon

The life of Esther Shanes Levow. Chap 2

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A Biography of Privilege, War and Family (Ch. 2, 6)

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Navigating Life

The Biography of William Raymond Kevern

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Finding Eden

The Story of Frederick Louis Tyler (Ch. 1-4)

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The Life Artist (Ch. 1)

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Our Story

A Biography of Cad Walder Arrendell and Charlotte Elizabeth Crawford Arrendell (Ch. 1-6)

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Genealogy Sample

Cad Walder Arrendell

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