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We are so thoroughly pleased with the biography Sheridan wrote about my mom that we hired her again, this time to write my dad’s biography.

Zach Levow

Cofounder, Barracuda Networks

Sheridan did a lovely job at building trust with my mother and allowing her the space to tell our family story. She found details and historical context unknown to our family and ultimately crafted a thoughtful narrative that will last us generations. Thank you!
Tom L

Tom L

App Developer

I am impressed with the extremely high quality of Sheridan's work. I gave away 50 copies of the book and everyone raves about it. Once they start reading they can’t put it down.

Bill Crews

Virginia statesman

Sheridan reconstructed my life in a very beautiful book and she was great to work with.

Arthur Mott

North Carolina

Your professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail has made our family history a true treasure for future generations. You have my highest recommendation to future clients. Your firm is the best !

Lee Dolan

Retired CEO

Sheridan Hill is a person with disarming charm, a keen analytical mind and a tenacity that will not allow her to give up. All in all, she is about as well-rounded and equally able a person as I have met during my more than 70 years.

Dallas L. Mackey

Director Emeritus

Sheridan Hill was like a rocket: all we had to do was point her in the direction of the target and move out of the way. Sheridan Hill is a quick study of complex issues.

Lafayette Jones

President, SMSi, Inc.

We have enjoyed working with Sheridan Hill. Her energy and sensitivity have given meaningful value to staff throughout the organization…bringing a new level of excellence on which we will build for years to come.

Len B. Preslar, Jr.

President / CEO, NCB Hospitals

Working with Sheridan Hill is delightful! Her skills as editor, marketer, and web consultant are spot on. She made it possible for me to re-publish my out-of-print book, and she made it fun! Her author video for my book was a complete home run. Add to that her encouragement, kindness, formidable intelligence and can-do attitude and you simply have the best. We are so fortunate to have been able to work with her.

Shawna Carol

Author singer/songwriter

Corporate History

What impressed me about Sheridan Hill was her ability to ferret out history from Jefferson Pilot that was new to me, and I have been with the company more than 35 years. In researching our history book, the information she retrieved, plus the illustrations she unearthed, have also been valuable additions to the company’s centenntial celebration. She did an outstanding job — plus she was fun to work with!

Nancy Elkins

Jefferson Pilot Financial


Sheridan Hill’s editing skills raised my manuscript to a higher level entirely. It was the best money I’ve spent in a long time.

Toni Toney

Author, Get Clean and Go Green

Memoir Writing Services

I have to say thank you again for all your professional expertise in producing my father’s memoir, which exceeded my expectations in many ways. It was a great pleasure to meet you and to work closely with you to accomplish this wonderful book to honor my father.

Joe Amato

Boston, MA

Reading my biography with my grandson is a treasure I do not have words for. It has brought us closer, and helped him understand who his granma and grandpa are.

C. Arrendell

Asheville, NC

The personal biography book is beautiful, and it captures my grandfather’s life. Reading it brings him so much joy, remembering so many great times throughout his life. I am grateful to Sheridan Hill for working so closely with my family and for the warmth and professionalism she has shown!

Lindsey Tyler

Asia-Pacific Intuit

When my dad was sick, we put the memoir you wrote next to his hospital bed, and another copy at the nurse’s station also, so they would know who he was. It revived his spirits when people picked it up and asked about his life. We are so grateful for this book.

Steve Tyler

Omaha, Nebraskar

Sheridan Hill has written a powerful depiction of one woman’s personal history and shown the impact it had on many lives. She has taken my mother’s story and made it mine, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Heidy Arts

New York

Sheridan Hill combined my parents’ story with world and local history to set the context, checking facts and researching lineage. This memoir will be a treasure for generations to come.

Amy Arrendell


Sheridan Hill’s imagination and language are powerful. She brings much depth of soul to the world.

Robert Sardello

Author, Love and the Soul

Public and Corporate Relations

Sheridan Hill is thoughtful, focused, and reliable. Sheridan’s willingness to consider the views of others allows her to be effective with a wide range of people.

Elyse Jung

N.C. Sierra Club