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Announcing “We’ll Think of Something”, Jack Wilson memoir

“Far exceeded my expectations,” is what 92-year-old Jack Wilson said of his memoir produced by  Real Life Stories, LLC several months ago. “I could not be happier. It was wonderful to work with Sheridan Hill.” It was our pleasure and privilege to work with Mr. Wilson and the fabulous folks at ABEC, the company he…

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Why It Costs So Much

Finding a photo of a Piper Cub, so I could envision my client’s first plane, was easy. That took about one minute. But tracking down his transcripts from seven different schools beginning in 1939 on Long Island—that took some time. Each school had an online form that had to be found, filled out, printed, put in…

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How Did Jamaica, New York Get Its Name?

My current client was born in Jamaica, New York, in the 1930s, when 138 languages were spoken there, according to the comptroller. Since I knew that the Irish and Dutch had settled much of New York, including Long Island, I went searching for how Jamaica, New York got its name. One thing I knew ahead…

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“Look to Yourself” – Jack Wilson, ABEC founder

  In 1974, Jack Wilson started a company on a wing and a prayer. In order to breathe life into it, he served as president, salesman, designer, machinist, and financier. For years, he refused to draw a salary. When times got tough, he looked to himself for answers. He had learned early in life that…

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Obscure Books: Mark Twain and Medicine, Any Mummery Will Cure

My favorite books are the ones most obscure, which will never make the NY Times top 20 list. To be honest, many, if not most, of the books on the best-seller lists aren’t worth my time. Give me books that were written out of a pure passion for the subject. Such a treasure is Patrick Ober’s…

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The Secret Weapon Esther Levow

Download the entire Levow-chapter2 of Esther Levow’s biography we produced.

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The Attic Lesson: Finding Grandaddy’s Songs

The trove from the attic looks like the boxes hiding in everyone’s attic (if you’re lucky enough to have both), and like the stuff in everyone’s storage, its greatest value is to my family only. At first I thought I had found Grandaddy’s music when I found the CD entitled: “Pres Freeland’s Natural Songs from 1955”. First I played it (here’s…

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The Best Commemorative Sympathy Gift

We have written a number of personal biographies to commemorate the lives of deceased loved ones. Sheridan Hill works frequently and extensively with families who are experiencing the health decline or death of a matriarch or patriarch. We are work effectively with people who are in failing health, and in deep grief. The most important step is to conduct…

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First-Born Asian Son Bears Great Responsibility

Some of my clients are the first-born sons of Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, or Japanese parents, and these men hire me to honor their parents with an heirloom biography. Non-Asian people can hardly imagine the weight placed upon the shoulders of the first son of Asian descent. In a tradition passed through many generations before him,…

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