Your Life Story in a Beautiful Book – Personal Biography

Personal Biography Services

Professional Interviews

If you are unsure about committing to an Heirloom Biography or a My Story Memoir, we strongly encourage choosing to have Professional Interviews conducted. This way, you essentially buy an insurance policy against anything that might arise that ...

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My Story Memoir

My Story Memoir (c) is perfect for a holiday, anniversary, or birthday gift. It can also be a tax-deducted expense as a marketing tool for your business. What is My Story Memoir?  My Story Memoir can be described as Heirloom Biography-Light. It ...

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Heirloom Biography

Our Heirloom Biography is the ultimate celebration of a life. Benefits include: forgotten memories often return; the act of telling your story to an impartial, interested witness is often therapeutic; a great excitement gathers around the ...

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Writing / Editing

Do you have a manuscript you have written or partially-written? We publish nonfiction manuscripts by first-time and experienced authors. Real Life Stories, LLP  provides the expertise, encouragement and focus to move ideas into manuscripts and ...

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