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Announcing Helene Pittler’s Memoir: My Lives

Announcing Helene Pittler's memoir: My Lives
Announcing Helene Pittler’s memoir: My Lives

We are happy to announce another client’s book, Helene Pittler’s memoir, “My Lives: The Defining and Refining of Helene Kalin Pittler.”

Helene’s life was honored by her son, who felt that her commitment to self-improvement over the decades could not go unchronicled.

To create Helene’s book, we interviewed her for several days and also included as-is a number of her own letters and essays to give more Helene flavor to the text. An artist, writer, editor, bridge-competitor, mother and grandmother and much more, she created the mosaic we used on the cover of the book. We included as a final postscript in the book a heart-warming letter from her granddaughter that points out all the ways Helene is admirable and amazing. As Helene moves into her eighties, we are humbled to have been part of honoring her life.

Helene’s book is for sale at