Printing refers to putting your manuscript in printed form. After all that hard work, slugging away at your book with only your muse to appreciate it (and sometimes the muse seems to be elsewhere!), you can hardly wait to have it in your hands. Publishing includes printing as well as making a book available for sale.

Online printing and publishing tend to be corralled together on some websites: which way is best? Which way is cheaper?

Should you go for an e-book as well as a printed book?

There are dozens of critical decisions to make at this juncture, and we are here to consult you and give you the best information from an experienced professional.

Real Life  Stories’ experienced creative team can handle the layout, design, ISBN, bar code, registration with Library of Congress, and printing in paperback as well as archive-quality hardback.

We won’t lie to you: making money on book sales in today’s competitive print-on-demand world is daunting. But it can be done.

We list your book with online retail sales through your website,, Kindle, and more. We can also create your author website and your author video to promote the book.

Let’s talk about your book needs today.