The Attic Lesson: Finding Grandaddy’s Songs

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The Attic Lesson: Finding Grandaddy’s Songs

The trove from the attic looks like the boxes hiding in everyone’s attic (if you’re lucky enough to have both), and like the stuff in everyone’s storage, its greatest value is to my family only. At first I thought I had found Grandaddy’s music when I found the CD entitled: “Pres Freeland’s Natural Songs from 1955”. First I played it (here’s…

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Writing and Editing: Don’t Look Back

What should you do with old versions of your manuscript? I’ve written more than 20 books and my method is to drag them into a folder called “Past Versions of X (name of book)” –and never look back. The only reason I would ever go into one of those files is if the current version…

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Memoir vs Biography /What is the Difference?

The Oxford English Dictionary  confirms how I view the difference, which is that a memoir is generally not considered a full historical record of a life, while an autobiography  or a biography is thoroughly researched. My Simple Explanation: A memoir is written in first person (“I”) and includes only information that the subject of the…

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