Irish Family Book Cover by Sheridan Hill

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Irish Family Book Cover by Sheridan Hill

For the front cover of The Dolan Family History (at right), we used Philadelphia’s Freedom Hall (where they settled from Ireland); on the back cover (at left) we used a linen background with a photo of their homeplace in Ireland and a moving narrative about the importance of family ties within this large Irish tribe….

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Announcing “We’ll Think of Something”, Jack Wilson memoir

“Far exceeded my expectations,” is what 92-year-old Jack Wilson said of his memoir produced by  Real Life Stories, LLC several months ago. “I could not be happier. It was wonderful to work with Sheridan Hill.” It was our pleasure and privilege to work with Mr. Wilson and the fabulous folks at ABEC, the company he…

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“Look to Yourself” – Jack Wilson, ABEC founder

  In 1974, Jack Wilson started a company on a wing and a prayer. In order to breathe life into it, he served as president, salesman, designer, machinist, and financier. For years, he refused to draw a salary. When times got tough, he looked to himself for answers. He had learned early in life that…

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Archive family photographs on Delkin gold CDs

Every year I research –yet again–the options for archiving family photos and mpg/audio files to see if anything has changed. Two hours on the phone this week verified what I recommended last year, which is Delkin professional-grade gold CDs purchased from B&H photo. Not gold DVDs,and I will explain why. You can store hundreds of…

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Called: How One Couple Served A City

Called: How One Couple Served A City makes its debut in the summer of 2014 on Amazon and other online sources as well as at book-signing events in Memphis, TN. Called is an inspiring account of one woman’s effort–as a young woman, while married, and as a widow–to help the people who came her way. JoeAnn…

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Before it’s too late, hire a biographer

It is the refrain I hear most often when I am explaining my work to someone for the first time: “I wish I had known about you before my father had a stroke…before my mother died…before grandmother broke her hip….” We want to believe we are mortal, and yet everyone’s time comes. Most people have…

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Helga: A Memoir of Privilege, War and Family

The glamour and beauty of Helga’s youth still radiate from her face, defying both her eighty-eight years and the events thereof. Look closely and you will see a shield of Germanic pride: the self-control over her expression has yielded very little over the years. “I have tended to be stoic about life,” she says, “believing…

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