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Hire a Memoir Author On A Budget

“Dad’s birthday is coming up and I don’t know what to get him,” the voice said. “I thought maybe the perfect gift would be to hire a memoir author.”

A memoir is certainly the gift for the person who has everything, who seems to need nothing. It is the ultimate gift.

Most of the memoirs I author become hardcover archive-quality books of at least 120 printed pages, professionally designed, with photographs and captions. These take me the better part of a year to write and are printed for family only.

I also author memoirs that become paperback books and e-books for sale in retail outlets and at and other online sources.

A third option, which this client was seeking, is what I call a memoir digest. To meet his budget, we decided I would conduct phone interviews (rather than fly out and stay in a hotel for the interview process) and I will write a 10-page memoir digest that can be expanded on year by year.

The biography will be created in a honeycomb fashion, with each year’s installment building out from the center.

One great advantage of this process, aside from budgeting, is that the subject of the memoir (my client’s father) has something magical to look forward to each year. All year long, the person thinks of how marvelous his life is and what he will tell the biographer in the next set of interviews next year. It becomes a delicious celebration of life.