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“I’m Staying Alive for This Book Signing!”

“I’m staying alive for this book signing!” Helga is in her eighties. We have been working on Helga’s memoir for about a year. It has now been through a copyeditor and a proofreader, and Helga’s daughter now is going through it one more time before it goes to our book designer. After the memoir manuscript has been laid out with photographs of Helga (like the one at right when she was seven years old), it will go into print and be available as a paperback at and other major online retailers.

And we will hold a special event: a book-signing, where Helga invites all of her friends and family to celebrate this accomplishment. To celebrate her life.

Last week, Helga told her daughter, “I’m staying alive for this book signing!

It is such an honor to work with individuals and families to create a moving account of their stories and put it into print. Writing Helga’s book, I learned much about World War II in Japan, particularly what it was like for a German girl to grow up in Tokyo and survive the firebombings of March, 1945 and throughout that year.

I learned much about the human heart and its resiliency.

We are thrilled that Helga is staying alive for the book signing of her memoir! May it be an event to remember.