Luxury Gifts

Unusual Luxury Gift - the personal biography
The gift they will never forget: a personal biography.

The unusual luxury gift no one else will think of. The gift that will set you apart forever: a personal biography.

What better way to show your loved ones your high regard for them? Provide a personal biographer to conduct interviews and craft a compelling biographical narrative, completing the process when you hand them an archive-quality, leather-bound, gold-embossed book. If your budget is $30K or more, there simply is no better gift for the person who has everything. This is truly an unusual luxury gift.

We guarantee the process will be enjoyable for your loved one, and that the personal biography luxury gift will be a gorgeous book made to last 250 to 300 years. The writing will be in the style of a memorable novel, with the details of your loved one’s life interwoven with pertinent regional and world events.

It is the highest form of praise and honor. Their lives will be forever recorded, their stories the way they want them told, with honor and integrity.

See samples, and please call anytime for more information or for a proposal. 828 785 2828.