Zach Levow

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Zach Levow

We are so thoroughly pleased with the biography Sheridan wrote about my mom that we hired her again, this time to write my dad’s biography.

Read More April 18, 2021

Tom L

Sheridan did a lovely job at building trust with my mother and allowing her the space to tell our family story. She found details and historical context unknown to our family and ultimately crafted a thoughtful narrative that will last us generations. Thank you!

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Bill Crews

I am impressed with the extremely high quality of Sheridan’s work. I gave away 50 copies of the book and everyone raves about it. Once they start reading they can’t put it down.

Read More August 21, 2020

Arthur Mott

Sheridan reconstructed my life in a very beautiful book and she was great to work with.

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Lee Dolan

Your professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail has made our family history a true treasure for future generations. You have my highest recommendation to future clients. Your firm is the best !

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Dallas L. Mackey

Sheridan Hill is a person with disarming charm, a keen analytical mind and a tenacity that will not allow her to give up. All in all, she is about as well-rounded and equally able a person as I have met during my more than 70 years.

Read More January 16, 2020

Lafayette Jones

Sheridan Hill was like a rocket: all we had to do was point her in the direction of the target and move out of the way. Sheridan Hill is a quick study of complex issues.

Read More January 14, 2020

Len B. Preslar, Jr.

We have enjoyed working with Sheridan Hill. Her energy and sensitivity have given meaningful value to staff throughout the organization…bringing a new level of excellence on which we will build for years to come.

Read More January 10, 2020

Shawna Carol

Working with Sheridan Hill is delightful! Her skills as editor, marketer, and web consultant are spot on. She made it possible for me to re-publish my out-of-print book, and she made it fun! Her author video for my book was a complete home run. Add to that her encouragement, kindness, formidable intelligence and can-do attitude…

Read More January 12, 2018