Your Life Story in a Beautiful Book – Personal Biography

“We left Dad’s memoir at the nurse’s station”

When Tip Tyler was under nurse’s care in the last two weeks of his 94 years of life, his son found a new use for the book I wrote about Tip.

“We left the book you wrote about Dad at the nurse’s station,” Steve told me. “They had a great time reading it and seeing all the amazing things my dad did in his life.”

Reading about the bravery of this World War II veteran and pioneer of marketing in the natural gas industry, the nurses felt closer to Tip and also had new conversation pieces with him. Gentle, wonderful man that he was, Tip died two weeks after the death of his beloved wife, Ruth.

At Tip’s funeral service, Steve read from the biography I wrote about Tip. We miss him every day, but it is a comfort to know that the book I wrote served Tip and his family in these new and wonderful ways.