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What to Avoid in Working With Graphic Artists

“I am only paying $4 book to print my book,” the first-time author said to me.

“Wow! That is fantastic,” I told her. “For how many copies? How many do you print at a time?”

“As many or as few as I want,” she said.

“And how about your design costs?” I asked.

“Oh, well…” her face changed completely. “I hired several graphic designers. One did the inside of the book and another one did the outside of the book and a third one created these illustrations I wanted in the book.”

“Did you pay them by the hour?” I asked.

She nodded.

“That must have been expensive.” I knew right away that she had paid thousands of dollars to graphic artists because she didn’t know how to work with them.

“Between seven and eight thousand dollars,” she said.

This is an example of a client I could have saved thousands of dollars if she had consulted me first.