My life in a book

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My life in a book

Personal biography is your life in a book. We meet you wherever you are, prompt your stories to emerge, go away to conduct research on the era in history, and create a beautiful narrative that tells your story perfectly and completely. If you have ever imagined your memories unfolding on the pages of a hardback book…

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Florida woman recalls Doolittle’s Raid

Business Insider magazine hours ago published a lengthy news story on a client memoir we wrote and published last year. Triggered by the upcoming anniversary of Doolittle’s Raid and other U.S. firebombing attacks upon Japanese civilians, the article focuses on our client, Helga, and includes a link to the memoir (truth be told, it is…

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Announcing Helene Pittler’s Memoir: My Lives

We are happy to announce another client’s book, Helene Pittler’s memoir, “My Lives: The Defining and Refining of Helene Kalin Pittler.” Helene’s life was honored by her son, who felt that her commitment to self-improvement over the decades could not go unchronicled. To create Helene’s book, we interviewed her for several days and also included…

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Personal Historians Unite!

Part of being a personal historian is connecting with others who do the same, and I was happy to make a presentation last week in Washington, D.C. at the annual conference of the Association of Personal Historians. (In truth, it was held at the Bethesda Grand Hyatt, but D.C. is so close, and sounds so…

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Before it’s too late, hire a biographer

It is the refrain I hear most often when I am explaining my work to someone for the first time: “I wish I had known about you before my father had a stroke…before my mother died…before grandmother broke her hip….” We want to believe we are mortal, and yet everyone’s time comes. Most people have…

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How To Hire a Memoir Writer or Biographer — Tips

Before you hire a memoir writer or biographer, educate yourself. These FAQs will help you gauge labor and set goals in hiring a writer. There are different types of writers— biographer, ghostwriter, memoir writer —after you know what you want, then you are in a position to hire a memoir writer or personal biographer. 1….

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